Why Opt For a Car Rental Service in Nairobi?

Moving around in a place you know too little about might not seem too pleasant. And if you are on a business trip, you definitely don’t want to waste your time trying to find your way to the right spot. This is when you need to opt for a car rental service. “But, why would you do that? Why not take a bus or a train?

No doubt you might probably want to be on your own and explore the entire region without being interrupted by anyone. However, if you have never been to Nairobi before, moving around might seem a bit tedious. Moreover, your hunt for a taxi might further add up to your frustration. In such cases, those on a short vacation might miss out on some of the prominent places in the region. On the contrary, hiring a car means a hassle-free journey.

What About Privacy?Avis Rental Cars

Car hire companies in Nairobi maintain complete privacy of their customers. No information provided by you on the website at the time of registration is misused in anyway. Moreover, you can always choose to delete your account, in case you do not wish to opt for any further services.

What do they offer?

Car rental companies in Nairobi are known to offer the finest quality services, all of which are good enough to make your journey a memorable one.  Most of these companies offer a 24/7 service. Above all, the prices are right.

What more can you expect?

When it comes to selection, you have an extensive range of cars to choose from. Luxurious vehicles to the ones meant for a casual drive, you can find them all. Taking it all to the next level are a few services that move to an extent of offering free service for returning customers.  And if lucky, you might also win some exciting prizes.


Car Rental Service

 Finding the right company

However, not all companies offer you what you are looking for, even if they claim to do so. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check out online public reviews and testimonials before selecting a car hire company in Nairobi.

In case you are looking out for an affordable car rental in Nairobi, head on to AVIS. You are sure to find a car that rightly suits your purpose. If you wish to know in detail about the services offered by AVIS, simply drop-in an email at info@avis.co.ke and the customer support team will get in touch with you.


Car Hire Kenya – Select Great Vehicles for Great Trips

Like everywhere else in the world car leasing in Kenya has really taken off. Many people love the comfort and freedom this facility offers. The service is sweetened even more by the fact that the agencies offer a wide range of cars to benefit the customers. Each car is carefully chosen to accommodate the different needs of different tour groups. The number of passengers, the pieces of luggage and the type of transmission are all taken into account when a car is chosen.



Mitsubishi Lancer Saloon

There are many travellers who come with their families. The group includes mom, dad and one or two children. For such groups the Mitsubishi Lancer Saloon is ideal. It is spacious, comfortable and well equipped with all the amenities that small families need. There is also usually plenty of space in the trunk. The weight that travellers have to carry invariably increases with the quantum of shopping that they do on their outings. Passengers can dump as much luggage as they want in that space.


Other tour groups involve more members. Two families get together and take a vacation together thereby increasing the number of members. Many college students form a group and decide to take a vacation during the summer holidays. Vans are ideal for such group expeditions. They can accommodate up to nine people. They are also sturdy and can withstand the rigours of negotiating tough terrains.  

Kenya gets plenty of tour groups and for such large numbers of people buses are needed. Car hire Kenya companies make sure that they are well stocked with these types of vehicles as well. The vehicles are also categorised on the type of terrain that they need to be driven on. Some people want to drive the vehicles on well built city streets and a smooth urban vehicle suits their demand. Others want to take the car and rough it out on the harsh terrain of the Kenyan jungle and need a sturdy mode of transport. No matter what the demands of the customers are, car companies make sure that they have the vehicle to suit their needs. 

A Car Rental In Kenya That Makes Your Travel Worth The While

What’s a holiday if you don’t have the freedom that gives you the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of your leisure? Well, without the freedom a holiday isn’t much satisfying and you could get bogged down to an itinerary that is dictated by others. At Avis, we believe passionately about your holiday, which is why every aspect of our service is geared to create a benchmark that others follow. When you’re here in Nairobi to savour and enjoy every bit of your holiday we make each aspect special. We believe in giving you the freedom to sightseeing and time management that is set by your own pace and not a travel operator. When you’re here for car rentals in Nairobi, the top name to remember is Avis.


Car Rental Nairobi

We are a company that is dedicated in bringing the best of our experience and service offering to ensure when you hire a car in Kenya you have every aspect of freedom and with a worry free rental. At Avis we offer smart bargains for car rentals in Nairobi and there are no hidden charges that will inconvenience you later. With us you can hire a car in Kenya and not be bitten by the surprise bug when the bill hits you.

When you’re here in Kenya, just get in touch with our sales executive and he’ll work out the prefect plan for your needs with the perfect vehicle for the purpose. Our customer service will answer all your many queries and clear any doubts you have with proper details that go like clockwork, because at Avis, we are proud of our position in this business and hope to keep it that way. We know the wealth of your holiday experience rests on the shoulders of our capabilities and we will go the extra mile to provide you with catering to your need with perfection.

For the best experience for car rentals in Nairobi we have a large fleet at your disposal catering to all your needs with impeccable service. We do have a fair range of services at your disposal which goes from daily short term rentals, to long term, chauffeur driven offers and much more. After all we are one of the world’s largest car rental operators and we intend to stay ahead with a dedicated fleet and staff to match. No matter where you are coming from, you can choose and book from the comfort of your home and trust that when you’re finally here, the best of offers is waiting to make your holiday a remarkable experience.

Save Your Travel Expenses By Cruising For Car Hire Mombasa Deals

Do you need wheels for your pleasure trip or business trip? If you want flexibility in your travel throughout the trip then hiring or renting a car is the perfect option. It not only gives you freedom to move around the places but also saves your travel expenses, if you opt for best deals and appropriate vehicle from the rental service. So where to find the car rental deals? In general, it is a difficult task if you are looking only in few places. Intensive research and detailed comparison is essential and brand recognition must not be an issue, whether you opt for Kenya car rental service or any other car rentals. Inorder to increase the chances of finding good deals, it is important to keep the options open.

For those who are able to put time and do research, there are numerous hidden car rental deals travel expenses kenyathat can make your travel affordable. To start your search for car rental deals, the main booking online websites are good options. If correct keyword such as car hire Mombasa is used in your search then you can hit bundles of packages and discounts related to Mombasa car rentals. These offers may be compelling, competitive and apt example of time-efficient way of shopping. Aggregator websites are other options. They are considered effective for airline flight search by most of the travelers. But they have seen changes in recent times and depending on range and location, you can figure out impressive car rental deals. Further, the search displays car class too and permits you to filter the search results by price, miles and various other options.

When you search is intended for luxury car on rent in Kenya then discount codes and online coupons are imperative. There are some websites that offer secret discount codes and coupons. It is easy to find them through online search. Booking car rentals directly from their company website is ultimate option but you better watch out the hidden costs and fees imposed by them.

Car Leasing In Kenya – Know Your Needs For Getting The Right One

In recent times the trend of hiring cars frequently for travelling locally has increased a lot and there has been bloom in the car hiring industry due to this reason. The reasons to hire a vehicle are not limited to visiting an event with family or going for an exotic weekend trip. It is also consider for hauling comfortably from home to office or airport daily, moving in the city while you travel or for any other essential vehicle such as cruiser for patrolling in the city. Whatever the reason may be, hiring or leasing a car is less expensive rather than owning a car, especially if you crave for luxury cars. So, if you are in search of an exciting means to commute from one place to another or move locally in Kenya without hassle, go online and search for car leasing in Kenya.


Car Leasing In Kenya

Most of the car leasing companies in Kenya, give multitudes of choices to pick your favorite luxury vehicle in an affordable way. But before planning to lease or hire a car, it is essential to know your needs for picking the right one out that works well for your purpose as well as budget. Instead of approaching the rental company directly for rates and rules, it is good idea to think about your needs and decide in what way the vehicle will be used by you. By understanding your needs you can easily select the right leasing plan and type of vehicle. For instance, you may want to hire a luxury car in Kenya that has ample space for luggage and comfy seating for passengers. But if it exceeds your budget then it is good to select a vehicle that goes in your budget and serves your needs. Apart from needs thinking about gas mileage can also be beneficial for saving some travel expenses.

Explore Your Favorite Kenyan Cities By Hiring Car Rental Kenya

When planning for a tour to Kenya you can consider seeking for budget car rental Kenya, if you yearn to explore all the popular tourist destinations in and around the region at a low cost. Whether you are planning for transportation from city center to airport or railway station, visit adventurous and bizarre safaris, or an exciting ride to famous cities in Kenya, it is good idea to hire some reliable car rentals. It is hassle free and affordable way too. There are some well-known car rental service providers in Kenya, who have reputation in offering various vehicles for corporate tours, family holiday travels and safaris. They offer flexibility in choosing a right vehicle, suiting your needs. They also offer customized services at affordable rates. You can get pleasure of riding your favorite car along with the benefit of visiting numerous places in Kenya according to your interests and own fixed time schedule.


Kenya Safari

Drive a brand new car or hire a professional driver with proficiency in hauling any type of vehicle, in either way you get the opportunity to plan a safe and delightful trip. So, when you plan to hire a car for some famous place such as Mombasa, search for car rental Mombasa websites that offer quality car rental service in affordable price. Most of the car rentals offer vehicles ranging from salon vehicles, safari vehicles to mini buses and luxury vehicles. The mileage rates have various limits depending on the time you plan to return the vehicle to the rental. Some car hiring companies also offer great weekend rates and exclusive services to various exotic destinations across Kenya. However before arranging a car hire service, it is important to know the nitty-gritty of hiring car rentals for enjoying great deals from them.

Why should you consider Kenya for your next family holiday?

If you are in dilemma about how to spend your holidays – at an exotic beach location while relaxing and enjoying the amazing water sports or by going adventurous and enjoying the holidays in the close proximity of mother nature & wildlife, then there is a perfect answer for you – Kenya.

Kenya allows you to combine these two holiday ideas and presents you a mesmerizing holiday experience which you will not forget throughout your life. Kenya is extremely popular safari destination for the families where you not only witness animals and birdlife but can also meet Masai tribe people. These people can tell you timeless stories related with Africa and Kenya while you are enjoying your bonfire.  If you want to spot some of the rarest animal species of the world, then this place is for you. Not only this, but you can also float in a balloon to get an exotic aerial view of the wildlife.


Family Holidays In Kenya


Apart from the wildlife, Kenya also hosts a beautiful coastline which makes the country a perfect beach holiday destination as well. Once you reach there, you will fall in love with the beauty of the landscapes and the place. The simmering Mt. Kilimanjaro is also one of the most visited places which can be added in your holiday itinerary.  So, it’s the time that you decide to visit this beautiful country which offers amazing variety of holiday spots and activities.

While you are visiting Kenya, one important requisite would be a vehicle with which you can make your trip not only convenient but memorable as well. Avis is one of the leading car rental companies of Kenya that has been serving the customers from all over the world for years. You can make you bookings with Avis and enjoy your holiday to its fullest.